• Kuantan Port has moved fast forward in tandem with the escalating economic development of the Eastern Industrial Corridor.
  • The present port has a limited capacity and handle ships only up to 40,000 DWT.
  • Kuantan Port in collaboration with the Government has embarked on a port expansion project to cater for bigger ships up to 200,000 DWT Bulk carrier or 18,000 TEU’s Container Ship.
  • The NDWT Phase 1A is built with a basin depth of 16 meters, 400 meters berth and 20 hectares of cargo yard adjacent to it to accommodate conventional ships and cargoes.
  • The construction of the first phase of the New Deep Water Terminal (NDWT) is expected to be completed 4th Quarter of 2017 and will be able to handle ships up to 150,000 DWT.
  • The development of Phase 1B with a basin depth of 16 meters consisting of 600 metres berth and 25 hectares dry bulk yard will commence operations in late 2018.
  • The dry bulk berth maximum capacity is 26 million tonnes per annum.
  • The development of Phase 2 includes 1km berth extension, 18 meters of water depth and a 47 hectares container terminal  to be based on capacity requirements and future demand.
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Reclamation Works

Berth Construction

  1. Piling Work (In-progress)
  2. Construction of Berth (not started yet)
  3. Berth Furniture (not started yet)

Coming Soon…